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Time to Buy a New Television

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It’s been 5 years since we bought our television and it has served us well but sadly last week, we were forced to say goodbye. After the latest episode of our favourite programme, Game of Thrones ended, so did our TV. We were at least thankful it made it to the end of that episode before saying its farewell in the form of multiple funny lines appearing on the screen.

With the next episode of Thrones, only a week away, there was no time to spare, we turned to the internet and searched frantically for our next television, it’s bad to say but without a television within our home, we’d be lost. After Googling best televisions in our location, we came across Booth Scotland in Inverurie. The next day, we visited their showroom.

First of all, we were taken aback by the amount of amazing televisions Booth Scotland had within their showroom, we didn’t know where to start. Luckily their experienced team were on hand to help us make the right purchasing decision. The first television we investigated was the brand-new Samsung QLED television. This was truly a thing of beauty. I mean I’m not great with television tech but the picture on this was out of this world. It was sharp, clear and its 100% colour volume, as mentioned by the salesperson, offered excellent clarity. Unfortunately, it was slightly out of our price range and we were in search for something that offered decent picture quality at a more affordable price point. This wasn’t a problem for the expert salesperson who showed us exactly what we were looking for, another Samsung at a price we were happy with and the perfect size for our comfortable living room. The best part, it was on offer, so we saved a massive £130.00! Happy all round.

Our Booth Scotland visit didn’t end there, we couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to try a variety of sound systems from Sonos they had on display. We left with a Sonos Beam, the most recent soundbar release from Sonos which can be controlled through your voice alone through Amazon Alexa, how cool is that? After all we did save money on the television, it be rude not to. I’ll keep you updated on how we’ve got on with our brand-new television and soundbar but in the meantime I advise visiting the Booth Scotland showroom, you won’t be disappointed.