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Hi, I'm Laura

I’m just your typical 20 something year old from the North East of Scotland, let’s not dwell on the something part.

I’ve always enjoyed reading blogs about the exciting things people get up to, especially locally as I love feeling inspired to follow in their footsteps. I live the typical life of young woman is a small city but I’m going to share my experiences with you all and I really hope you’ll love to hear about them, and perhaps inspire you to try something new.

I love finding new things to do, travelling to new places or finding a hidden gem in plain sight and the purpose of this blog is to share it all with you. All my friends around me are married with kids and are always looking for stuff to do with their young children and there is so much online about it, but what about what to do without kids? I want to know what activities I can enjoy as a young free adult.

You don’t need to travel far to experience some wonderful places, it’s all here in Scotland. You would be surprised at just how much there is to do here in Aberdeen/Aberdeenshire alone.

Hope you all enjoy my blog and feel free to leave comments or ask me any questions.

Speak soon!