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Highland Wear and More!

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Wedding season is here, and my social media feeds are already filling up with hundreds of fantastic images of beautiful brides, handsome grooms and their wonderful guests. My partner and I’s first wedding is July this year and I can’t be more excited to be part of one of my closest friends big day as she marries her dream man, I love weddings! Naturally, I got my outfit basically the weekend our invitation came through, browsed online and in the shops until picking the perfect dress for such an amazing day. My partner on the other hand isn’t, shall we say, as organised. With our Scottish roots a kilt was the obvious choice. We searched high and low looking for one we could hire that not only looked great but was within our price bracket. It was all looking rather bleak until we decided to take a trip to Gibbs Menswear in Inverurie, Aberdeenshire.

We first heard about Gibbs Menswear from a friend who lives just outside Inverurie. He couldn’t sing their praises loud enough, regarding both their excellent customer service and the quality of their highland wear, not to mention their trendy suits and exclusive fashion. We had to experience it to believe it ourselves, so firstly we took to their website where they have a good selection of their highland wear displayed online. We did see one that we both really liked but wanted to nip in by the shop for more details and a fitting, a cheeky wee trip to Inverurie never hurt anyone.

When arriving within the store we were welcomed beautifully, a polite ‘hello anything you need just give me a shout’, none of that pushy sales stuff we both absolutely hate. The staff were brilliant, and after we browsed their kilts Barry, the store owner, took the time to measure my partner and find the perfect kilt for hire for him. He was kitted out with the whole shebang including the kilt obviously, a shirt, waistcoat, Ghillie brogues accessories such as the belt, socks, kilt flashes and of course the all-important sporran and sgian dubh. Now that his kilt was all sorted it would be rude not to have a browse, see what the rest of the store had to offer, an hour later the other half left with a wool jumper, a new coat and a new wallet! I’d say that was a very successful shop at Gibbs Menswear.

We would not hesitate to recommend Gibbs Menswear for highland wear rental or to purchase general menswear, fantastic staff, quality clothing, we’ll be back soon!